Field Trips

For Field Trips, Travis travels to Indiana high schools and speaks with principals, vice principals, athletic directors, teachers, counselors and coaches to get a better indication of the on-the-ground challenges in education and sports. And Travis is happy to give a talk of encouragement and share his own story to your students in the classroom or at a practice.

These Field Trips help guide the conversation at Town Square events and improves INDIANA TOWN Athletics the show. Most importantly, Field Trips help address and improve on the challenges that Indiana schools and communities are seeing.

If you are a school interested in hosting a Field Trips event, contact ITA today. And if you are a local business or organization interested in being the sponsor for such an event, please fill out the contact form, too. Below is a list of topics that will likely come up in discussions.

Mental Health
Classroom Performance
Parent & Fan Behavior
Ref/Official Shortages
Sports Specialization
Understanding College Scholarships
Social Media Behavior/Usage
Teacher Retention & Respect
School Safety
Standardized Testing
Continuous Improvement Plans
Student Meals
Bus Driver Shortages
School Funding